Seen in HD 111: Companies Bicker Over Embargoes, Dish Sued for DVR, Ghost Recon Review

After 20 days off, due to a variety of issues, Seen in HD is triumphantly back. With three weeks or so of news to play with, we figure out what was best to bring you, a valued listener. At this point, anyone who listens to us is valued, but whatever.

Netflix and Redbox take varying views on disc rental embargoes, especially with regards to Warner. Dish is under fire for their auto-hop DVR system designed to slip past commercials. We actually side with the networks (!). There’s also some E3 chatter since it’s so close. We make a few random guesses as to what is to come.

Reviews include Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Goon. Check it out at the Digital Media Zone!