New Reviews Delayed Briefly – Update: Fix Found!

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Update: A fix has been found, although Sony has yet to provide anyone with an official answer. As such, new release reviews should be on time starting tomorrow as always, although Extract will have to wait. If you need to know how you can fix it in the meantime, check our sister site for dealing with error 8001050F.

Original post was as follows:

We had a plan. There was going to be a review for Extract on Blu-ray today, then some new releases in the coming days, as loyal readers expect from DoBlu. Everything was going smoothly, and then… well, the ApocalyPS3 happened.

See, all of DoBlu’s reviews are done on a PS3. The “what used to seem like a solidified, foolproof idea should something go wrong back-up plan” was to borrow one of many local friend’s consoles in case the review hardware died out. Obviously, that plan just found a quick death as a clock error has caused all older PS3 consoles to glitch, delete/corrupt data, and generally stop working.

As soon as Sony has a fix for the what will soon be infamous “error 8001050F,” we will be back and running smoothly, and it seems like it only may be a short time. Expect reviews of 2012, Where the Wild Things Are, and Private Lives of Pippa Lee (oh, and Extract) when things return to normal. Until then, we have plenty of other reviews to check out, you could follow us on Twitter, or even join our Facebook Fan Group.

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